12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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Excellent advertising opportunity

Naoussa International Film Festival has achieved to become a remarkably beloved institution to the persons of cinema and also to the public, particularly to young persons. The Public participates actively to the event submerging the spaces of various events. The event institution of the Festival gives you the chance to be advertized on the publications of the Festival and gain important projection. The Festival publishes in annual base the List of Films as well as City and Festival Guide. It is about two exceptionaly aesthetic forms of unique use. The publications are coloured, a fact that allows the better imprinting of your advertising registrations. The List of Films and the City and Festival Guide are printed in thousands of copies and are distributed in Greece and abroad.

For more information about your advertisement potential through the publications of Naoussa International Film Festival please contact the Marketing Department.

12th NIFF



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