12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The Judging Comittees of the 11th Festival

Judging Committee of fiction films


Pantelis Voulgaris, director. Greece

Παντελής Βούλγαρης

He is a successful director and scriptwriter of Greece. Pantelis was born in Athens in 23 October 1940, but has islander ancestry. In 1960 he entered the Film and Television School L. Stavrakou. From 1961 till 1965 he worked as an assistant director on 35 films of Finos Film Productions. In 1965 he directed his first short “Thief” and in 1966 his second, “Jim the tiger”. His first feature film “Anna’s Engagement” was presented in 1972 and had great success in national and international film festivals. In 1973 he made the “Megalos Erotikos” (The Great Love Songs), after Manos Chatzidakis’s (music composer) request, a poetic transference of Mano’s music album. He spent 8 months in exile during the Greek junta in 1974. His work includes a various range of films, documentaries, TV series and plays. His latest film “Mikra Agglia” (Little England) was presented in December 2013 and became a great success.



Dr Jan Broberg Carter, composer. U.S.A.

Dr Jan Broberg Carter

She composes for over 20 years. She has written, orchestrated and edited/produced ten original film scores for movies from Europe and the USA. She was elected to ASCAP in 1977, she has won 18 ASCAP Composer Awards and received others for Best Original Film Score. She has been an executive producer, producer, music supervisor trained at Harvard, Dartmouth and Oxford University. Her recent filmscore, "Nocturnal Agony," premiered at The American Film Institute in March. She has conducted and played in several symphonies. She is a 14th year member of The Sundance Patron Circle.

Levon Minasian, director. Armenia

Levon Minasian

Levon Minasian is director for cinema and theater, scriptwriter and playwriter. He was born in Leninakan (re-named Gyumri), Armenia. Levon commenced his theatre studies at the Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre in Yerevan (Armenia). He studied film at the University of Paris-VIII (France).  In 1996, he received his Master’s Diploma with distinction and with the congratulations of the jury. He is an awarded scriptwriter. He also has directed short films, produced mainly by French production companies. His last short comedy THE PIANO has participated to more than 80 festivals worldwide, received 30 awards and mentions.

Alexandra Georgopoulou, international relations manager of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Greece

Αλεξάνδρα Γεωργοπούλου

Born in Athens, Greece. Graduate of the Department of Theater Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, National Kapodestrian University of Athens. She obtained an MA in Performance Arts (pathway Theater Directing) at the  University of Leeds (UK). She has worked as assistant director in several theater productions. In 2009 she staged her own production of a greek play titled “Meet Market”. In 2011 she had the directing supervision of the performance Xenakis On Stage, in collaboration with Ergon Ensemble that was part of a threefold tribute to the composer Yannis Xenakis, on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary since his death (Athens Festival). From 2009 until today she is the International Relations Manager of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Aniez Atlas, actor. Spain

Aniez Atlas

Aniez Atlas is an actor and artist currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. He has essayed a variety of roles in a number of short films, independent features, webseries and TV series. He has been involved in film projects in Spain, the UK, Poland and the Netherlands. Aniez is presently preparing for his roles for an upcoming Spanish feature film and the second season of the successful webseries 'Space Men'. Apart from cinema and art, his passion includes photography, travelling, languages, culture, literature and nature.




Animation Judging Committee:




Steve Woods, commercial animator, Director and Interactive designer, specialist in Animation Direction Concept and production design. England

Over the years Steve has worked on a wide range of projects including commercials/animated features, pop videos and television series work with major British and international companies such as La Porte Industries, Lego, Glaxo, British Airways, BT the BBC and others. He has been working with advertising agencies, Electronic Media production companies and government departments in the UK, and abroad on commercials and public education based projects, utilizing traditional 2D and 3D animation and computer aided design for multimedia products. Steve collected a personal BAFTA in 2003 for his work on Bing and Bongs “Tinypanets”. He lives now in Greece and he teaches animation and illustration at Comik school of art in Thessaloniki. 


Stefanos Potamidis, graphic designer, Greece

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1967.Having completed the Dimitrelis Graphic Design School in 1989, he studied illustrtion under the guidance of Maria Tereza Marrel. During the first years of his carrer, he founded his own company. In 1995 a partnership was formed with another graphic designer, until 1999 when he decided to join the Colibri Creative Team. where he still works. He has been awarded for his work in Greece and in Europe. Engaged in photography and illustration, he watches cartoons as every child, but in recent years a bit more.



Adia Agelidou, designer. Greece

Antia AngelidouAndia Angelidou is a designer. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Applied Art Studies College in Thessaloniki, Greece. In addition to her education, she was particularly keen on the History of Arts and Design, typography and photography. She draws her inspiration from the unexpected messages hidden in shapes and words. For ten full years she created exclusively for Colibri Branding and Design, undertaking the design and supervision of all possible projects that may come along in the creative life of a graphic designer, for a broad clientele involving equally professionals, organizations and institutions. She now works solo creating for her clients, as well as undertaking her own projectsIn her spare time she finds peace in the summer by the sea, in wintertime in the mountains and whatever the season in the arms of her beloved.




Judging Comittee of Experimental Films:


Ioannis Kolaxizis, fine artist and cinematographer. Greece


Giannis Kolaxizis is a fine artist and cinematographer. He studied graphic design, pedagogy, painting, graphic arts-multimedia and image and sound technology. He participated in several exhibitions in Greece and abroad receiving many distinctions. He is a professor at the Cinema department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the past he worked at the plastic arts department and several art schools.




Maria Papadopoulou, fine artist. Greece

Maria Papadopoulou has studied at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Universidad de Barcelona. Her field of expertise is new technology and video art. She participated in over 40 exhibitions in Greece and abroad.





George Melidonis, cinema critic. Greece

He works with experimental cinema and animation. He teaches animation, motion graphics and applications for digital means in private schools.




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