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The Participation Terms of movile



Article 1
The Department of mobile phone movies named “movile” is organized by the civil, non profitable Company Naoussa International Film Festival in the frames of the Naoussa International Film Festival. The Department of mobile phone movies is held in Naoussa every year, during the Naoussa International Film Festival. In 2013 the event will take place from 25 to 29 of September, in the frames of the 10th Naoussa International Film Festival.

Article 2
Participation in the Department of Mobile Phone Movies:

  • In this department anyone who owns a mobile phone, is imaginative and has artistic concerns can participate.
  • Each director has the right to participate with more than one film.
  • The subject of the films depends on the judgment and the inspiration of the creators. Movies which will be considered violent, sensational or defamatory will be excluded.
  • The film must have been filmed by a mobile phone or a photo camera.
  • The film can be processed using any program of video processing.
  • The final format of the film has to be sent to Naoussa International Film Festival as a 3gp, AVI, MPEG-4, Quick Time or Windows Media format. The files should be send to Naoussa International Film Festival in a DVD or CD or alternatively through a free file transfer service (indicative  http://wetransfer.com).
  • The total duration of the film cannot exceed the five minutes (5’).

Article 3
In order to participate in the Festival one should fill in the application form that he or she may find in the website of the Festival (http://www.niff.gr). It is highlighted that the participant has to read the terms of participation which can also be found in the website of the Festival. After the applicant fills in the electronic application and marks the field that mentions that he / she has become fully aware of the terms of participation and has accepted them, he then can submit it. The electronic application will be stored in the electronic system of the Festival and will be used in the selection process. The applicants will be sent an email which will confirm that their application has been submitted. It is very important that all the fields should be filled and without any mistakes because the data of the application will be used for the catalogue of the festival and all the electronic means – in case of film selection.
The application data will be used exclusively for the selection process and in no case will they be given to a third person.
Note that it is necessary to fill in all the fields of the participation form in order for it to be examined.

Article 4
The film must be sent to the Festival for the selection process until the 5th April 2013 - no matter of the sending method the applicant has selected.
More precisely, if the applicant chooses to send his film through mail or courier service the postage should have been done by the 5th April 2013 (postmark or courier voucher) to the address below:

Naoussa International Film Festival
Katsoulaki 1, str
59200 Naoussa

With the indication: “No commercial value, only for cultural reasons”.
In case the creator chooses to send the film via a free file transfer service (indicative http://wetransfer.com) that must have been done by the 5th April 2013, entering the e-mail address publications@niff.gr as the address of the receiver. You must also write the title of the film and the name of the director in the appropriate section.

Along with the film one must send:
- Stills from the film in 300dpi resolution (in electronic form*)
- Photos of the creator and the leading actors in 300dpi resolution (in electronic form*)

Optionally you can send:
- The trailer          
- Promotional material    

*For postage via the post office please include a CD with the material needed. In case you choose to send the material either via an e-mail to publications@niff.gr or via a free file transfer service (indicative http://wetransfer.com), you should mention the English title of the film and the name of the director.

The mailing expenses of the post office or the courier service burden the creators. Since the participation form and the film have been deposited, for no reason does the director or the producer have the right to withdraw them.

Article 5
The selection of the projected films, the order of projection, and the program are defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival, which, according to the technical peculiarities, the duration and the grouping of the films in categories, organizes the whole program with its own responsibility. Also, the Organising Committee of the Festival makes the selection of the judging committee. The judging committee consists of recognized personalities from either the Greek or the international world of cinema. The decisions of the committees are made in plain majority.

Article 6
In the framework of the competitive character of the Department of Movies from Mobiles, the following awards are being given:
Best Movie from Mobile Phone
(Participation of all films)

People’s Choice Award
(Participation of all films)
Naoussa International Film Festival reserves the right to change the award categories at any time and without any previous notification.

Article 7
By signing the Participation form, the creators declare that, with the submission of the application form and their participation in the festival, they don’t violate the rights of any third party. They declare and guarantee that they or any third person won’t have any financial claim from Naoussa International Film Festival because of the projection of their film in the Festival.   

Article 8
Naoussa International Film Festival company reserves the right to project part of the films that have been sent, in and out of the area of the Festival, whenever it is needed for reasons of promotion of the Department of the mobile phone movies, of the creators, of the movies for one year (starting on 5th April 2013) and under no circumstances for commercial causes.

Article 9
Any public projection of the participating films in the town of Naoussa before their official projection in the Department of Movies from Mobiles is forbidden. 

Article 10
Naoussa International Film Festival Company is not responsible for any loss of material before or after the Festival and under no circumstances is it obliged to return the material that has been sent to it.

Article 11
The use of any recording device in the projections rooms is strictly forbidden. Parts of the Festival will be filmed. Participants that may appear in these parts cannot claim anything from the organising company. The participants accept and agree to give interviews to the communication sponsors and to be photographed if asked.

Article 12
Naoussa International Film Festival reserves the right to cancel the Festival if it is necessary.

Article 13
In case of dispute, the Greek version of the terms of participation is considered as valid.

Article 14
The dispatch of the signed participation form entails the complete and unconditional acceptance of the above terms of participation.


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