12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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movile - Mobile Phone Movies Department

Naoussa International Film Festival constitutes an event dedicated to digital cinema. The Festival is characterized of the creation and utilization of innovative actions.

Based on this philosophy we have incorporated - first in Greece - in our event the absolutely pioneering and interesting department of mobile phone movies, called "Movile".

The evolution of technology has made possible the convergence of voice, video and data services in one device. Mobile phone has become nowadays a good available to everyone and an extensively widespread digital technology device.

The department of mobile phone movies provides everyone with the opportunity to present their creative mood by shooting their own film. On the same time it offers to the audience the chance to watch films which are the exclusive product of the digital technology advances.

The entire new digital world that continuously develops has contributed significantly in making our lives easier and certainly more creative. It challenges us to discover it and to gain from the benefits it provides.

Naoussa International Film Festival focuses on the abilities of digital technology and integrates them in its actions. The department of mobile phone movies proves the devotion of the Festival to digital technology and prompts us to create.

"Movile" is ready to host our mobile shorts!

Let's get inspired and create!

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