12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The awards of DV SEE

In the framework of the competitive character of the Digital View SEE Department, the following awards have been granted:

Best DV SEE Film
The Rest is Silence 
Pawel Hejbudski | Poland


2nd Best DV SEE Film 
Normal People 
Piotr Zlotorowicz | Poland


3rd Best DV SEE Film 
Guests are about to arrive
Tea Lukac | Serbia


Best DV SEE School Film
It’s none of our business
Panos Spinthiropoulos, 1st EPAL Kordelio | Greece

People’s Choice Award DV SEE Fiction
The Gift
Dimitris Aggelidis | Greece

Best DV SEE Animation
Steven and Beetly
Piotr Hoang Ngoc | Poland

People’s Choice Award DV SEE Animation
Eleni Miltsi | Greece

Best DV SEE Experimental Award
Adam De Neige | Austria

People’s Choice Award DV SEE Experimental Award
Fake Flowers
Christos Mitsianis, Kostas Tataroglou | Greece


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