12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The Screening Programme of the Festival

Fiction Films Screening Programme - Room 1

Saturday 1/10 16.15

JAGJEET|Kavanjit Singh
14’7’’|35MM| INDIA|2010
Jagjeet The film reveals a dark past of a Sikh man that how he left his childhood Sikh friend to die during the Sikh massacre of 1984 in India.


SEAWEED|Ida Svenonius
Seaweed Set in the Swedish archipelago, Seaweed tells the story of an adolescent girl's sudden confrontation with her biggest phobia: seaweed.


IF YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO CRY|Aristotelis Maragos
11’10’’|35MM| UNITED KINGDOM|2010
If You Have No Place To Cry Based on the same title story of Luis Sepulveda, the film follows a narrative story in a group of sailors trapped on the shore waiting for their departure. The story is about a place you go for comfort if you do not have where to cry.


3 MINUTES|Mantas Šatkus
05’43’’|DVD| LITHUANIA|2010
3 Minutes A bored prison warden playing games with an inmate


JUST A GAME|Elisa Amoruso
Just A Game Angelica is a sixteen year old girl involved in competitive tennis; Romina is a Rumanian girl, who is a prostitute for living. Both have a troubled relationship with the same man, Mauro; for Angelica it is a pretentious and severe father-coach, for Romina a "client" with whom a relationship apparently "different" has been established.

YOU ARE DIVORCED|George Buzoianu
You Are Divorced Nina and Vlad choose to divorce after 25 years of marriage but the financial situation requires them to continue living under the same roof. The hole picture of the family is complet by their daughter, Dana, who is expecting a baby, and their son, Radu, who is in a relationship with an older woman.

BEEP BEEP|Gregoire Philippe
04’34’| HDCAM| CANADA|2011
Beep Beep Francis wants to fall asleep beside the woman he loves, but Caroline’s watch goes ”beep beep.”



Saturday 1/10 18.00

SAFETY NET|Eirini Steirou
9’30’’ | DVD PAL | USA, GREECE| 2010
Safety Net Safety Net is a psychological drama about dependability and trust that intercuts between the lives of a woman trapped in a failing marriage and a man faced with an extreme financial burden. The film examines their reactions in the face of betrayal and injustice, which set them on a collision course for disaster.

THE LAST FLOOR|Dmitriy Shevtsov
23’00’’ | DVD |RUSSIA| 2010 
The Last Floor The young man is going up to the last floor in a lift to make a unique jump from this world. There are people he meets, and events that occur, which are the reflections of the human life itself.

I GREW UP|Gabor Fabricius
13’40’’ | DVD |HUNGARY| 2011
I Grew Up  Portraying a new youth generation in New Europe‘s Budapest, the short by Gabor Fabricius is a story of one day. 7 girls, 7 reflections on the same experience: growing up through one-night stands with the same man. In her journey, Piri visits each of the cheated girls as she searches for her identity in their reflections.


The Beardless Garibaldi|Nicola Piovesan
15’10’’ | DVD, HD MOV |ITALY| 2010
The Beardless Garibaldi A gang of lively oldies decides to rob a car that transports a postage stamp of inestimable value. They rather organize the hit in grotesque way but studying all in the least details. Something that had not calculated will change then, radically their plans.

3’35’’ | DVD | SPAIN| 2010
A Shitty Boyfriend After three months without seeing each other, a girl receives a visit from her exboyfriend.



THE VICTIM|Marco Gadge
14’20’’ | DVD | GERMANY | 2010
The Victim As Erik decided to break up with his girlfriend, he did not expect it to be the biggest mistake of his life.


KLAUS|Ragnar Snorrason
10’25’’ | DVD PAL | ICELAND | 2010
Klaus Klaus wanders into a high-rise in the middle of the night with the intention of leaping to his death. On the thirteenth floor he meets Laufey, a six year old who still believes in Santa and has prepared cookies and milk. The two start talking and Klaus reveals his real self and the reason for his desperate outing. 


Saturday 1/10 19.30

AN EMPTY ROOM|Diana Peñaloza
14’00’’ | DVD | MEXICO | 2010
An Empty Room A boy tries to establish communication with his sick grandfather through a closed door.


A BRUNETTE KISS|Edilberto Restino
15’00’’ | DVD PALL | UK, BRAZIL | 2010
A Brunette Kiss  Franz snaps the rifle together, shoots the füehrer. This alternative reality sci-fi WW2, shows the story of the world seen through the eyes of the man that changed history as we know it. Has this happened or perhaps the fabric of memory has mixed with the fabric of time itself? (Winner of Best Visual Award at Limelight Film Awards, 2010)

THE LAST PICTURE|Andras Gyorgy Desi
15’40’’ | DVD | HUNGARY | 2010

The Last Picture The boyish Photographer and the older Hairdresser spend together every night one secret hour: they are having fun by making up weird stories. One of these stories turns real and sweeps them away – straight into tragedy… or the happy ending.


León Siminiani
16’30’’ | DVD | SPAIN | 2010
The Award Pilar and Manuel prepare for what should be a night of celebration and glamour. It should be. But they ‘ve been sweeping their relationship under the red carpet for too long…


BUSY|Felix von Seefranz
15’00’’ | DVD PALL | GERMANY | 2010
Busy Mrs. Schmitt is probably the busiest woman inBerlin. She’s constantly on the run between meetings and phone calls, till one day her world collapses. Her busy behaviour seems to follow way other rules then she pretends.

Stelana Kliris
16’00’’ | DVD PAL | CYPRUS | 2010
The Fiddler The Fiddler is set inCyprusin the 1950s. It is the story of a poor man who dreams of owning a violin and becoming a fiddler. But life and love get in the way and force him to make a choice between his passion and his responsibilities.




Saturday 1/10 21.30

15’00’’ | DVD | SPAIN | 2010
 Good Bye Doll A car carrying a man and a woman is travelling down a desert road. The woman needs to make a stop, so they do so next to an old broken down wall...


THE OTHER HALF|Pippo Mezzapesa
12’30’’ | DVD | ITALY | 2009
 The Other Half70 year old Gina lives in a rest home. She is anxiously awaiting her granddaughter’s marriage when her world falls apart: her daughter feels she shouldn't attend the wedding because of her precarious health. Gina decides to go on her own and upon arrival discovers she is at the wrong church.

THIS IS FUN|Natalia Mateo
10’24’’ | DVD | SPAIN | 2010
This Is Fun Father and son take a walk in the surroundings of the village where the father lived as a child. Many things have changed, among others himself. Now he is too “urban” and his son too. Even so, they try to enjoy a countryside day.

RF|Stauros Liokalos
19’07’’ | DVD | GREECE | 2010
 RFAny day in any block of flats at any town, a man tries to repain the antenna of his television. A sequence of events will lead in a magical way to an overcome of the daily routine.

THE REPORT CARD|Alessandro Celli
11’30’’ | DVD | ITALY | 2009
 The Report CardA mother takes her son to visit his father before leaving on vacation. Again this year the man won't be with his family and the child wants to show him his report card. The visiting procedure is always the same: the heavy doors close, the guards' look is severe, the hallways are endless and the rooms are desolate.

IN THE WOODS|Luis Caballero
12’00’’ | DVD | SPAIN | 2010
 In The WoodsRosa and Jesús, a young couple, are driving at night through a dense forest. WhenRosarealizes she is not carrying her handbag, Jesús pulls over. While she looks for it all over the vehicle, he steps into the forest to urinate. Not finding her handbag,Rosagives up and waits for Jesús. But he is not coming back.




Animation Films Screening Programme

Saturday 1/10 19.00

HOMELESS CONDUCTOR | Yen-Ting(Dony) Chiang
03’10’’| HDTV|TAIWAN|2010

Homeless ConductorIt's about a homeless who used to be a great conductor but end up living in the dark corner of a big city. One day he picks up his old baton and try to whip it , suddenly a miracle happens


ID | Miroslav Jovic


IDThe story follows up a man who wakes up without any of the senses. He does not have the eyes, ears, nose , skin... He has polluted everything around himself so much that he feels nothing any more. All at once, he gets a chance to return to the gone, but....



BIRTHDAY | Jari Vaara

04’21’’| COMPUTER|FINLAND|2010

BirthdayMother wants to give her children birthday present but they are not interested.




Venus de Rabo | François Bertin

09’42’’| digital|France|2010

Venus de RaboRabo' s program for the day? Just like yesterday! Wake up late, have breakfast, take a shower and then… work. Even though he is a free man, he has to go to work like everybody else!



SPIN | Hattler Max


SpinToy soldiers marching and moving in harmony, spinning and rotating, erupting and exploding. When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred.


MEAT FOR 2 | Danielle Siah


Meat For 2A story between P. Larry and Steak. P.Larry was trying to catch Steak so that he can eat it. But will Steak let him? A short clip showing how the two characters fighting which each other.




06’41’’| DIGITAL | SPAIN |2010

Daisy CutterDaisy Cutter tells the story of a ten years old girl, Zaira, who (like many others) experiences the injustice of war, with the perspective that her tender and naive eyes allow her. Zaira gathers daisies every day for a friend that she misses; so as not to forget him, so as not to lose him.

MISSING | Tariq Rimawi

03’00’’| HD | UK |2010

MissingA window opens on a child who lives in a war torn area where he longs for his past peaceful life..




12’40’’| DIGITAL| FRANCE |2010

Employee Of The MonthTorn between his personal ethics and desire to comply with the rules of his professional environment, a young executive tries to regain his free will...




PATHS OF HATE | Damian Nenow

10’00’’| 35MM| POLAND |2010

Paths Of Hate

 "Paths of Hate" is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.

THE VILLAGE | Stelios Polichronakis
14’10’’| DIGITAL| GREECE |2010

The VillageA doctor, who lives in a remote mountainous area, is urged in a village. He will arrive there after a long and difficult journey to find out that the village is empty.



TALE OF THE WIND | Claudio Jordão

12’00’’| BETACAM SP| PORTUGAL |2010

Tale Of The WindSalva had the gift of feeling the life of nature through her body. She lived in the forest across the river with Ábia his mother and she was happy until the day her life changed. Men and women of the village forced her to watch the burning of her mother accused of witchcraft.




Experimental Films Projection Programme 

Saturday 1/10 17.00

STEPS IN VAIN/Salvatore Insana
4’41’’| DVCAM|ITALY| 2010
Steps In VainDetested waiting. No heads, only feet can wait. Trying to holding the line of your daily agenda. Human or only urban aptitude, to lay in wait at the bus stop hoping Life could catch you before it’s too late. Many particular fragmented layers walking back and forth again and again, everyone in a different way: the same one.

4’37’’| MINI DV|IRELAND|2010

Follow Your SkinFollow Your Skin is visual music composed from recordings made live in the Experimental Television Centre, New York. A terrestrial TV signal is mapped into patterns created by a Voltage Controlled Oscillator. Short snippets of the TV’s audio are randomly introduced in an attempt to recontextualise the broadcast and perchance elicit new meaning.



9’55’’| SUPER 16MM|GREECE| 2009

THE COMMANDMENTS OR THE NOSTRIL OF EKTOR KAKNAVATOSGod decides to give new orders to save the world from the current crisis. But is this God we all know and love?




NORMAL | Demirel Suleyman

3’20’’| HDV|TURKEY| 2010
NormalOld overtops young, many assimilates few, army oppresses civilian, society absorbs individual… All of these happen because of the norms, which is formed by society. Society absorbs individuals and makes them same samples of a prototype, if it cannot, absorb individuals, it excludes or destroys them.


CONSTELLATION | Muriel Montini

5’00’’| DV|FRANCE| 2011 


HOTDOG/Jackson Simon
 HotdogMusical stop motion animation with extremely lively meat based products.

INSIDE/Simone Stoll

5’22’’| MINI DV|GERMANY| 2010

InsideINSIDE is a poetic divergence of body and mind. The camera is fixed on the body of a woman in red dress; the image is multi-layered, what first seems to be out of synch, then separates and becomes one again. The sound creation enhances the tension expressed by the winding, pulling and twitching movements. Water cleanses; mind, body, soul.


INSECT/Gogo Petrali

5’00’’| .AVI|GREECE| 2009
InsectThe Insect describes the path of transformation of the insect from larva to nymph. It is a journey from darkness into light, life to death. The man understands this evolution as enforcement and unable to be present at moments of its own transformation. The insect is not afraid. Redeemed from death to life.





Saturday 1/10 18.00

BEAUTY/Luis Fernandes
9’00’’| MINIHD|ITALY| 2010
BeautyMusic is streightly connected to images. A video which deals with subtly meanings, apparently without any understanding of the Beauty itself but with an irreplaceable essence. One beauty full of beauteous, lightness and transparency. Is about visual languages overlayed by dreams and magnetic lusche coveraged by an inception on this idilli mirror, fearured on the landspace of reality.


INFECTIOUS/Henry Gwiazda

2’03’’|QUICKTIME|USA| 2009
InfectiousHow do our motions affect others and our surroundings?


VILLA 31. BUENOS AIRES | Chus Dominguez

5’30’’|DVCPRO| SPAIN | 2010

 Villa 31, Buenos Aires"Villa 31. Buenos Aires" is a film about life in its physical sense, the life that, despite everything, late hit in every corner of the planet. A film about happiness, suffering, and learning from both, that passes, perhaps by chance in one of several slum settlements in Buenos Aires: Villa 31.
TASMAN-SOLACE | Polina Zioga

3’12’’| H.264| GREECE | 2010

Tasman SolaceThe official video for "solace" from the homonymous album tasman (Undo Records / EMI), is an audiovisual journey into imaginary landscapes. Tons of dark, melancholic and sometimes euphoric, turns into feelings of anger, consolation and hope. For the creation of artificial environments used, models and animation.

Laundy DayToday it´s laundry day...





SPIN-READYMADE/Christine Schorkhuber
Spin Ready Made  
0’54’’|QUICK TIME|SWEDEN| 2009
Team WorkIn the video "Team Work" the other side of the ideas, handicraft and art is portait; the transience. Collaboration as something fruitful and destructive.



Centipede Sun/Mihai Grecu
Centipede SunA mesmerizing video poem on transforming landscapes: series of metaphors of isolation, deconstruction and the limits of the inhabitable territory create a unique view of the contemporary environmental condition.



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