12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The awards of the Festival

In the fiction category the awards went to:

Special Mention
Temir Birnazarov [Kyrgyzstan]

Montage Award
End of the Line,
Alessandro Celli, [Italy]

Best Photography Award
The Fish,
Alexander Kott [Russia]
Giannis Gaitanidis

Best Actor Award “Alexis Damianos”
To the leading roles of the film Dark Red, Franke Thielecke [Germany]

Best Short Film Award
Sexy Thing,
Denie Pentecost [Australia]

2nd Best Film Award
The Screenplay,
Nikolaj Borts [Russia]

Best Film Award
Omonia Square
Andreas Kontopoulos

2nd Best Film Award
Happy Birthday
Katerina Gioulmihalaki
Vicious circle
George Grigorakis

ALMECO People’s Choice Award
I haven’t thought it
Athena Zotou

In the experimental category the awards went to:

Special Mention
Italian Popular Bench,
Werther Germondari [Italy]

Best Experimental Film
Under Constrruction,
Liu Zhenchen [France]

People’s Choice Award (Experimental Films Category)
Italian Popular Bench,
Werther Germondari [Italy] 

In the animations category the awards went:

Special Mention
The day of glory,
Bruno Collet [France]
In Scale,
Marina Moshkova [Russia]
The smiling dog,
Shohre Jandaghian [Germany]

Best Animation Film 
Revolt of the mousses,
David Alejandro Gen [Spain]
People’s Choice Award (Animation Category)
Bad habit little rabbit,
Christian Effenberger [Germany]

In the students and youth films category the awards went to:

Best Student Film Award
Attimo Fuggente,
Gabriel Tzafkas

2nd Best Student Film
Marsel Michalaris &
The chronice of the sand,
Nikos Mamalos

People’s Choice Award
Agelidis Dimitris

Special Mention
Aris Tsamatos

In the mobile phone movies category the awards went:

Best Movie Award
15 Frames,
Rui Avelans Coelho [Portugal]

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